Tanabe SUSTEC NF210 Lowering Springs

The NF210 coil spring features a tasteful drop, and produces the best overall ride quality and comfort for a performance lowering spring. The lowered stance of the NF210 gives the car an elegant pose, while the spring rates, which are only slightly raised (up to 5% over stock) retain factory ride quality settings. This coil spring is extremely popular with luxury tuned vehicles, as well as those with larger diameter wheels that want to eliminate fender gap, but maintain excellent driveability while reducing the risk of damage to wheels that is associated with stiffer suspensions. Comfort especially important on daily driven vehicles, and their passengers. The NF210 provides the best driving experience for all types of roads. "210" stands for 2100n/m of tensile strength, which is the highest strength ever acheived in a coil spring. The Tanabe Shiga factory in Japan is home to some of the most advanced, unique coil spring machines and processes in the world! For those who demand the best comfort from a lowering spring. Fits all Nissan Versa's Hatch and Sedan and will fit upgraded Tokico Shocks. Ships in one box w/four springs, Will not fit 2nd Gen Versa Sedan (12-13)

Tanabe SUSTEC NF210 Lowering Springs
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